Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Equate Brand Products Made In China and Other Rambles

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today.

I fell recently on a concrete floor on my back so I've been a little bit out of pocket while I'm in recovery mode.

I hope to be back to feeling like my old cranky self in a few days so I can pack up my stuff in the apartment plus get back to at least putting in an entry here once in a while.

I went to one of the urgent care centers yesterday after work because the back pain was getting unbearable.

A decent doctor gave me some medicine but nothing really to put me to sleep so I hope to have a prescription in hand for that tomorrow after work.

Wish me luck.

While I was waiting patiently in the doctor's waiting area, I listened remotely to two kind of cute guys engaged in discussions of how hard it is in Pensacola to find work if you have a criminal record.

I had to quickly make a mental note of what they looked like in case one or both had made a recent escape from jail. In fact on the local news last night, there were two guys who left a work release area without permission and now are considered armed and dangerous so it was worth a second quick glance at both of them.

You'd be amazed at how two people could carry on a conversation about being in jail and what happens there, getting arrested, and all the while believing it shouldn't be illegal to do what they were caught doing which was dealing and distributing X.

I was in one section and heard in graphic detail about their whole life story summed up in four extra interesting Sports Illustrated magazines discussing college football jocks.

Suddenly I got my break as the receptionist called me up for my insurance card and co-pay for the visit before seeing the doctor.

I quickly rushed up after hearing enough of the two guys who were by themselves and I feel certainly were not trying to attract an audience of me.

I then set in the second section away from them still hearing them go on and on in their edge of the seat discussion of why cops are bad and drugs are good for society.

Then I got called back to see my friendly doctor and left them to just blather on and on about not much of anything.

So I finished with the doctor, got some pain pills and now I'm on them twice a day. I do hope to sleep better tonight than last night.

There's nothing worse than trying to sleep and not being able to sleep because of back pain or spasms in the back after falling on a concrete floor.

I guess that's all I needed to enter today.

My next movement in a somewhat limited capacity is taking on Wal-Mart for their store brand "Great Value" not showing where it was manufactured only that it is "Marketed by Wal-Mart stores."

I'll keep you posted on that. Speaking of which if you purchase the equate brand of products from Wal-Mart or browse the selection at any point you may notice a lot more of those products showing as Made in China which quite honestly just scares me to death.

Have a super duper great week!!

I promise to not whine as much next visit!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned the Equate brand and China connection. I buy mostly Equate brand over the counter meds, but no more if I find out they’re from China.

A few med tips you might find useful. The prescription pain pills you have most likely contain opiates, which can cause your skin to feel itchy or like bugs are crawling over you, especially noticeable when trying to fall asleep. If this happens to you take some Benadryl (diphenhydramine), which should resolve the skin irritation and intensify the pain relief effects of your prescription without danger of overdose.

Actually, Advil (Ibuprofen) is one of the most effective pain relievers IF taken at prescription strength which is a MAXIMUM of 800mg every 6 hours, DO NOT exceed 3200mg in a 24 hour period. Advil at this dose is most likely stronger than your prescribed pain pills. The Advil you buy over the counter comes in 200mg pills and the label on the bottle will not advise you to take 3200mg per day.

Also, a muscle relaxer might be a better choice than pain pills if your having muscle spasms. Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is a good relaxer and should be inexpensive.

There are lots of generic choices for pain pills or relaxers, so if your doc is giving you pricey brand names, then it means the drug rep got to him, no other good reason.

Hope this helps, you can verify everything I have told you in any pill book, online drug resource, pharmacist, or doctor.