Friday, March 14, 2014

More Missing In Action Excuses...Well Sort Of...

New goals... write more on the blog.

Create a new blog I'll call something related to being a closet computer geek of sorts. Might be a time to keep both in check but I'll try.

Lose a few pounds. I'm six five and 212 pounds but I would like to lose some weight and eat smarter. That's a challenge because I like food and like to cook.

I am giving serious thought to cutting ties from my parents because of the way my dad has treated me in the past. I'll likely devote time with this on my newer blog.

I want to stop getting stressed out about my job. It's tough right now because I'm trying to do a good job and get things done. It's tough because there's a lot to do that remained undone before I started. So now I have my current jobs to do and try to balance all the new requests. But I'm getting there.

 My partner is at doctor for a check up so I will post later.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Update To The Blog Again

I've made some life changes recently.

First off, I moved back from Florida to my home with my partner in Alabama. I became aware of a new employment opportunity that I had interviewed for a year ago and wasn't selected. I re-applied again for the same position and had an interview, a second interview, a meeting with the manager of the organization and ultimately a job offer.

So I packed my stuff up moved back to Alabama again.

So here I my third week of work and actually out of work today because of the flu. In my job I'm surrounded by a diverse group of individuals and economic backgrounds. I also think I have a person to thank for the flu that I've had since this past Friday night until today.

I felt miserable...cold, achy, dizzy, just all out miserable today and the past few days. To his credit my partner has been more than kind to me. I usually just don't do sick all that well and this illness is no exception I fear.

Usually when I don't feel well I just want to curl up in the blankets piled up high and sleep and just feel miserable alone. But he was there for me, often checking on me, bringing me food, making sure I was drinking enough water and other liquids, and just giving me the nurturing that should send any sane person on the way to full recovery.

So yes, that's where we are so far. I'm feeling better. The flu has to be the worst of sickness to me. The chills. The fever. The achy body. The headache. The runny nose. The stopped up nose. The cough. The dry cough. All of the above in a matter of minutes or hours.

But yes I'm in full recovery so I'm glad to be doing better.

I accepted this job because I wanted to be close to my home and close to my partner instead of two or three hours apart. I don't think I made a bad decision. I liked my other job but I also had to deal with  a bully at work that was never held accountable for his bad attitude and personality.

So when this job came up...without having to skip around jobs all over again. I accepted it.

I'll certainly be posting more about it as the weeks and months come forward.

For now I have a week of work then off for two weeks.

There's something nice about some time off. If we as workers had more time off with pay, I think we'd all be happier citizens and more content with our lives.

Have a good week everyone!! I'll see you again very soon when I'm fully on the rebound!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello...Checking In...

Sorry to be missing in action again. I've moved and changed jobs recently. I'm still with my partner of 16 years but took a job closer to home to be with him. Those two hour away jobs can be bad for a relationship. The new job is interesting but has a few shortfalls but don't they all? I'll update very soon. Promise.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Campbell's Skillet Sauces...Checking In

Wow, how time flies now days. I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on my blog. But in the interest of blogging here are this days, err, weeks, errr months snippets to catch up on what's been going on in my world of late.

(1)  The new job is still moving right along. I've been there for almost three months now. I like the job and enjoy helping people. I wish my two coworkers would share more information on what they do and have done to resolve problems. I'm sure they know how to fix certain issues but I don't...and I wish they'd share the information instead of emailing something out that says "resolved" or "fixed".

(2)  My oldest sister flew in town this past Tuesday to visit with me, my other sister and my mom and dad. We all had dinner at a Thai restaurant. I had to work the rest of the week so it's been kind of a busy time for me. Plus I'm still under probation for this IT position so I can't actually use any vacation time until the probation ends. In fact, Thursday morning I woke up with a very bad headache and went back home for two hours while my prescription for Relpax kicked in and then got up and went back to work. I'm only about 15 minutes away from work so it's not that far. In fact, I've also been coming home for 30 minutes for lunch during the week. It's better than eating lunch in the breakroom and gives me a little bit of downtime at home.

(3)  I've been cooking more at home and I found this product at the local big lots. It's creamy and a little spicy but good with cooked chicken and rice and brocolli and vegetables. If you find it at your local grocery store, pick up one and try it. I like's also good made up with rice, cheese, and canned pinto or kidney beans as a one mixed up dish.  Jeremy...I urge you to try this. It's quite tasty...and easy to cook.

(4)  I will have to write more on this later so look for an edited update shortly. Thanks for stopping by...and I'll chat with you soon. Now off soon to catch up on my regular reads as well.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blogger Checking In...

Welcome back to the world of bloggerguy again.

It’s Saturday and I realize it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on here and I’ve been under an allusion that once I (move, take more time, start the new job, settle into the new job, have a weekend, have spare time, schedule time, make time) can I’ll update the blog.

So here are a few snippets to catch you readers…two of them I follow and vice versa up to date on what’s been going on in my world.

I fell recently on a walk on a nature trail. I was swatting buzzing deer flies on a trail and ended up not seeing a root over the trail and tripped over it completely and fell down. I did get up, got back to my apartment, was quite sore for a few days and then I started having muscle spasms. So I went to the doctor at an urgent care facility and he prescribed some Tramadol for muscle pain. Ended up going to work the next day and had an allergic reaction to the medicine and had to go home from work. Stayed home the next day for four hours and got up and went to work.

I am feeling better right now but I’m still a little sore in the arm. When I first started hurting it took me about 48 minutes just to put on a pair of pants and my socks and tie my shoes. I’m doing a lot better now but I still have some slight pain. I’m sure it’s just muscle pain but that fall really did a number on my left arm which is my preferred and stronger arm than my right arm.

I also have a big yellow bruise going down the side of my arm that appears at last glance this morning to slowly start healing. Which I’m very glad about. I need my arm to be able to lug computer equipment around and one CPU in one hand the other hand with a monitor.

Which brings me to work..yes I changed jobs. I enjoy the job a lot more than the older job. It’s a challenge at times partly because it’s more than just a regular office with standard software. There’s a lot of software I’ve never used before and never configured before so it’s a challenge learning it all, documenting it all (which I really do like to do to keep from asking my experienced coworkers questions about the same thing over and over). I think I should just give it a bit of time to understand the processes better and I’m sure that will come in time the more I have a chance to do it.

This past Friday one coworker (this will be fun for you Jeremy Ryan) installed Windows XP from a stand alone disk and then another coworker configured it with the profile and software needed and I volunteered to take it back to the employee who needed it since the other two coworkers were on other projects.

Everything worked except they forgot to install the driver for the dual monitor screens and the printer itself. I’m discovering with Windows XP and older printers that are 7 to 10 years old that it’s harder and harder to find the printer drivers so you can install them back on the network. A co-worker did show me the printer migration utility from Microsoft that is very handy. It’s a small file you may want to download and place on a thumb drive and run it to back up and restore your printers.
In other news, yes I moved away from my previous apartment that was closer to my old job to another section of town closer to my new job. The apartment is nice and has a nice deck which I didn’t have at the other location and I’ve put outdoor chairs and a table so when fall comes to the South I’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet.  The new apartment is sort of close to the road but isn’t too bad. I think I’ll get used to the noise of traffic speeding by and ocassional sirens from police, fire departments, and emergency vehicles.

Now I’m sitting and typing this and waiting for an installation of U-Verse which is AT&T’s high speed internet and television service running through fiber optic lines. Hopefully this won’t take too long. The tech that’s working on this says it could be a short delay because they are having problems with the signal strength across the street to my apartment unit. I really do just want high speed internet but the package deal is good for a basic assortment of channels and internet which is all I really want. I don’t see the value to pay a lot of money for lots of channels when I’ll probably never watch much stuff at all.

My partner did make a homemade HDTV antenna we were using but it has problems at times picking up the local channels in the area. Sometimes it picks up better than other times.
So we’ll see how the U-verse works out. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m happy for the Supreme Court decision this week to repeal DOMA and also for reinstating marriage equality back to California. I can only hope over the upcoming years that southern conservative states will be able to recognize those same sex marriages from other states despite a current ban on them approved by the majority of voters.

Have a good weekend all…and a good shout out to Aek and Jeremy…my two faithful readers. Thanks for stopping by…until next time….

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Job/Apartment Blather

Well, as with all my latest posts...this one is long overdue as well. But here's an update finally in the form the most favorite snippets about what's been happening in my world.

(1)  I turned in a week notice a week ago and my last day of work with my current employer was this past Monday. I've turned in the notice for only a week because my new job that I got (congratulations to me) starts the day after Memorial Day. I would describe the job in more details but right now I'm not sure what to disclose on it since it involves a bit of confidential work information. But we'll see what happens. I'm excited about it but also kind of missing my previous employer. It's probably the only job and company I've actually enjoyed a lot since I was laid off from them the first time. And since the company I enjoyed so much hired me back, they also planned to shut down I'm sure before they hired me back the second time but I was glad to go back to work for them even if I left them this time before they terminated my employment since the company was closing for good and permanently this time.

(2)  I'm also starting a new apartment search which isn't the most fun in the world. I want to find a new place to live that's about five miles from my new job. My current apartment is about 5 miles from where I live and I would like my new place to be as close to where I live. Gas is creeping up and I'm not sure if it is because it is the Memorial Day weekend or if just gas period is going back up again. I found an apartment I like that has an upstairs balcony overlooking the trees which makes it so peaceful. But I'm not sure about the neighbors around. And this particular unit isn't available for even a viewing until the first week of June because someone is currently a resident in the rental unit I reserved a deposit for. So hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to see the actual unit and make sure it's clean and nice and comfortable...and non smoking for sure. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm excited about having an apartment that has windows you can open and a sliding glass door you can use to go out into the balcony and let some fresh air inside the apartment when the weather turns cooler. Right now we're in the middle of summer here in the south and we have heat and humidity at this point. But hopefully that's going to change in the near future.

I guess that's all for now. I'd like to write more but just not feeling overly expressive. Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snippets/Comments/Blog Updates

Well the weekend came and's a update...finally.

And of course in snippets:

(1)  I had an interview today for a new job. I didn't mention this before but my current position is going away by the end of the year because the company lost a contract. So the entire company is closing down operations. I will miss this company. It's a great company. I enjoy the position a lot. The technology is a bit behind the modern day world of Windows Vista and Office 2007 but the work environment is very nice. I actually worked for this company before back in 2008 and was laid off. I left in good standing so the company hired me back a year ago...only this time to close down complete operations. More details as it evolves...I would likely take this new job I interviewed with today if offered the job. I guess the good news is there are two positions and a total of six people that are being interviewed. So the odds are somewhat good. I'm also friends with one person that works there already so that might help. I didn't get coached on the interview questions so I think it was fair to all parties.

(2)  For the past few days I think I've been nursing a cold or flu. I had a fever so I went to the urgent care facility close by to get checked out. I had a fever of 102 and felt a little achy but nothing else. No real sore throat, nothing. So I'm not sure. My mom was sick recently so maybe that has something to do with how I feel now. I'm not sure. I just hope to feel better soon. It's no fun. I've missed at least two days this week...and did go in twice to work but left both times not feeling well.

(3)  My friend Jeremy is still feeling the loss of his partner. I really just can't imagine how he must feel right now. The loss of your husband, wife, partner has to be a very trying time in your life. I can only hope he can heal and move on once he has time to grieve. I think the most important he takes time to sort his feelings and get help if needed. Jeremy I know you read this please let me know if you want/need to talk. I'm here for you. I wish you nothing but inner peace.

I guess that's it for now. I know regular updates although short would be better than a long time between updates. I'll do my best to do this more often. Have a good week ahead!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

An Update...A Short Update

This blog hasn't had regular updates...that's the bad news. The good news is this weekend I will update. I totally 100% promise to update.

On a sad note, please share with me some sympathy for my good fellow blogging friend Jeremy. His blog is to the right called "New Homo Blogo". His partner passed away recently and from what I've read he's having a very hard time right now.

Please send him up a prayer and  wish for his healing.

Have a good Friday everyone!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Writer Dude Checks In Again...

Well, hello there...I realize a new blog posting is long over due so here goes with my world soon to be famous snippets and bits of information from my world.

(1)  I'm still NOT biting my finger nails. The nails have grown out well and I need to post a new picture of them  for you to see. Not bragging or anything but the nails do look a lot nicer than they used to be. No longer torn up and looking ugly. No longer bleeding or the pain I used to have when I'd bit them down low and then have pain because of that. No way now...they are looking good. I've noticed now that I scratch myself because of the length and probably will trim them again soon...but I hope I can say very soon that I'm a reformed finger nail biter. And it's pretty nice...but they still look tempting at times to bite and look ugly again. I guess this is just repressed energy or focus on something like that.

(2)  I'm still at work at the same company I used to work for but I'm having serious doubts about the company's long term viability here. I enjoy the job very much...well most days at least but I tend to think this company will close its doors here and move back up north or send jobs to another outsourced company that can do the labor more cheaply. I work in a contact center of sorts providing help to the center manager and staff and agents and also provide outside support to remote users and other persons within the company in other states. I don't travel with the company which I'm not really overly disappointed in so that makes me happy. I don't like to fly and I would prefer not to have to drive 700 miles to get to a destination. And this position is only straight hours, set hours, Monday to Friday without having to be on call or have extra duty work outside of a normal 40 hour work week. The only call people have a higher ranking and job title and that also suits me just fine.

(3)  I am also volunteering in another capacity with access to new technology and software and hardware applications my current position does not offer. The volunteering is two days a week for four hours a day. So by the end of the week, like this week, it's Thursday, I'm pretty worn out and sleepy. And last night I didn't sleep as well as I could have liked because I find as I get older, the ability to wind down from work and clear the mind is more and more difficult. But it's really not that bad I say. Just need to wind down the mind without prescription sleep aids and melatonin and other natural sleep enhancements.

(4)  For those of you who may remember, the TV show Alice from the 1970's was on Netflix so I rented a one disk of the greatest shows deemed by some  person.

Below is a clip of the show:

And the one particular episode had a football player tell Linda Lavin the star of the show that he was gay...and Linda Lavin has a son named Tommy. Once this football player tells him he's gay...Linda Lavin has doubts about the gay guy taking her son on a fishing trip. But Linda Lavin's character relents and they say they will remain good friends.Which is nice but i seriously doubt most people will come around that quickly...but I have to realize it takes time for people not exposed to us gay people to feel differently about us. But it's still amazing for a show from the 1970's to have something so adult like gay themes back then. If I had remembered this episode in my past, maybe I could have grown up happier and more adjusted. But I think that would also mean I'd need more love and acceptance from my parents...which I really don't have nor had growing up. But that's another story...a different story.

Thanks for stopping always promise to write again soon!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Checking in...

Hey there...welcome back to my world.

I know I've been absent lately but life is just busy lately...and I do need to take time to write things down and I hope to get a new entry out there soon.

Excuses..excuses I know.

Stay tuned. I promise one soon!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fingernail Not Biting Status Update And Other Blather

Hello everyone welcome back...It's Thursday night and I thought I'd write a few quick lines before I go to sleep and get back into a Friday at work.

Snippets are pretty good let's continue:

(1)  Nail biting. The nails continue to grow at this point. See the pictures just below. I do pick at the skin around the nails but so far haven't bitten them at all...but I'm very very tempted to do so. But I haven't and now we're into the 10th day of the new year and the nails are starting to look much nicer. I hope I can really stop biting my nails this time around. I get nervous and I have chewing gum at my desk but I really want to stop. I'm tired of nasty looking finger nails. Perhaps maybe in two or three months I'll be no longer tempted to bit them off and make them look nasty.

The last one is my left hand...and a mess of computer wires too. It's not easy to take a picture with your smart phone and make it not blurry on the left hand...or is it the other way around?

(2)  Work is going's been a little bit slow. I moved back to working evenings again mostly since our PC project is out of the way. I do come in for our morning meetings and today I stayed rather than go back home. Tomorrow we have another meeting at 10 a.m. so that might help with getting me back home earlier rather than later. Been working on deploying computers in my building to replace..(Jeremy I know you can appreciate it...Optiplex GX270 workstations).

(3)  My dad's birthday was today. He turned 81, I am tempted to call him but I may just wait until tomorrow when he is off work. We haven't been getting a long very well lately and I really would not want to call him so late...nor do I want to face whatever drama he may come up with on a phone call.

I'll have to write more over the weekend. I'm just sleepy but I did want to give a fingernail progress report. Have a good weekend!! And I'll write again soon!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Goals--STOP Nail Biting

Happy New Year everyone!!

I wish all of you a sincere and happy upcoming 2013!! I'm just checking in for a few moments and will post more this week.

First off, I'm trying to bite my finger nails as we start in 2013. Below are my pictures taken on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 on the left and on the right. Notice how bad they look. My new goal for this year is to stop biting them completely once and for all. I've started before and now I turn to this blog as a way of trying to make sure I'll stop this time for good.

Below are my two pictures...

I really want to stop biting them so I'm trying to reduce stress and just avoid nibbles completely. I'll post a picture every other day and keep you updated on its progress.

Until this week...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yet Again More Snippets From Your Blogger Guy...

Well, with sincerest apologies my blog post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue. So in keepiung with with the CNN Headline News process...I present to you my snippets.

(1)  Since we last talked...I have a small victory to celebrate. I'm so very happy that Barack Obama won for President again in 2012 that I can stand it. I'm glad and proud that he recognizes me and my partner as actual human beings. I had sincere doubts that he'd not win this election because of all the negative campaign commercials and smear tactics used by all the super PACS and other organizations hell bent on not giving Obama a second term. For those who voted for him, I say this...never underestimate the power of large groups of people in the political process. And oh yeah CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT OBAMA!!

(2)  Work is going well...been busy lately. We have a PC Refresh project going on...something I know Jeremy can appreciate. We're helping by having people remotely setting up computers and then we go in and configure them using remote control utilities. More often than not a lot of the people have very little IT experience so it can be taxing at times...but the project appears to be going well nonethless.

(3)  I bought me one of the below for Christmas...and it's even more amazing to me than I thought it would be. I bought decaffeinated coffee to brew but combined it with chocolate syrup and trying it with mini chocolate chips this weekend when I don't have to get up at any particular time. So stay tuned. I'll take some pictures. It's easy and fun and tasty...but the machine is a little bit loud. Kind of  louder than a blender. I guess it's that way because it's grinding up the larger size ice chunks in the blender.

(4)  Life is going well. I'm trying to get organized but lately the internet and just chilling out after work is what I prefer to do. I do try and take time to exercise at the local college...I go between 3 and 4 miles over an hour which is a pretty spiffy walking pace. I cheated today and bought fast food after my walk and shopping trip to Target...I felt like i deserved it. And I think I did. Two sandwiches and french fries. I polished it off at home with some sweet tea (decaffeinated also)  and then some soy milk smoothie drink. A picture of that is also below:

(5)  I plan to go home this weekend to visit my partner and his siblings. So far it looks like his two sisters from out of state will be there tomorrow night, his other sisters that live close by, his brother, his mother, and his nephews from out of state and their it's going to be busy. Plus my partner is going to be cooking a whole turkey for a dinner tomorrow night. I hope to be home before it's done so I can see how it turns out for him. He's excited. He's also making Pepperridge Farm dressing so it should all be delicious. I might just need to grab a sandwich on the way home to make room for a home cooked meal. He usually doesn't cook so this is an especially nice treat.

(6)  I have decided for sure to get back and blog more frequently. I also decided I'm going to take some pictures and paste it on a sheet of paper and write some poetry. There's really no good excuse why I can't start writing's a good source of expressing yourself.

I guess that's all for now. Hope all of you are safe and have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving To All

Well Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm in South Carolina for a few days spending the time with my partner's sister, her husband and two kids. It's a break from being a little bit further down south back home. I had two personal days I needed to take before the end of the year and scheduled the time around now so I could enjoy them and get out of the house on a visit.

Here's a few more snippets:

(1)  I'm glad President Obama pulled off another election victory. I was a bit surprised in my inner circle of friends back home who said he'd easily do it. I really thought at this point we'd be hearing blather upon blather from Mitt Romney but I'm glad to say that didn't happen. I can't image what he'd have to say about now even before he was President. I do say that Obama has my best interest at heart...and I'm glad he's our President. Certainly he's not perfect but Romney would have been far less perfect for me and my life than Obama. Here's hoping this next term is better for Obama than his last one.

(2)   We thought to go into Walmart and check into the sites and sounds of shopping on Thanksgiving since the store was open close to where my partner's sister lives. Early on in the day there were only a few people shopping. Parking was close to the store. Registers were open and all was calm and cool and collected. Later in the night, around 8:30 p.m. the parking lot was completely packed and people were driving around searching for elusive parking spots around the entire Walmart. I'm sure if it was that chaotic at the store parking lot the inside of the store was even worse. I'm not one to stand in line or fight crowds for any bargains. In fact, at this point in my life, I have nearly everything I want/need to exist.  But kudos to those Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy  shoppers who are so dedicated. Just mark me as one that isn't that into Black Friday shopping and chaos.

(3)   The kittens that were dropped off on the dirt road seem to be doing well. One of my previous who lives in Georgia coworkers adopted one and she seems to be doing really well. The other two, a gray kitten and a gray and white kitten seem to be doing quite well in life at my partner's sister's place of business back in lower Alabama. We had a chance to seem them through the glass window last weekend. They seem to grow so fast and still look as cute as they used to when they were very small. I'm going to see if I can get pictures of them again soon to post.

(4)   I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my actual biological familiy this year. Instead, my partner and I talked about visiting his sister in South Carolina and we confirmed she was okay with the visit so we hopped in the car and drove the six or seven hours up to see her. And it was time well spent. It's actually kind of nice to be in a household that holds the same liberal beliefs that I do and be around a family that is so welcoming and encouraging and affirming. So I'm sure it's nice to spend time with your own family but I told my sister when I politely declined her invitation that we'd try to have another meal sometime not on Thanksgiving so we could all get the family together. I'm of the unusual opinion that you can be a family more than just one day out of a year that is a recognized holiday. We'll see how that goes.

(5)  Speaking of sister, I have two sisters and I recently told the remaining sister that I was gay...but I said it by email instead of in person. I figured she'd have no problems with it...which she didn't...but it's nice to have the one remaining family member aware. Perhaps that will draw us a little closer together at some point int he future. Now at least I don't have to hide around when I talk with my partner and she's around nor do I have to try to find out excuses of why I'd rather stay around him than come and visit her home on Thanksgiving. My partner enjoys his family quite a bit and really doesn't have a lot of personal friends he keeps in regular contact with at this point in time. But I feel I'm pretty social and I enjoy having friends. So I think there's a balance there and it's just nice to have the remaining closet door opened to my sister now.

(6)   I think Black Friday shopping is a bit overrated. There's something wrong about standing in lines all night to get a slight discount on merchandise at stores that open or stay open on Thanksgiving.  I tend to think the electronics marketplace is a bit over saturated with merchandise and stuff all coming in from China to meet the needs of the consumers. I do admire people that enjoy that but it's just not for me. I'd much rather just sleep in my cozy bed and wake up and get on with my life.

(7)  The job is still going well. I'm a bit wondering how long the current job will last. The company I work for is sort of in a dying stage...without giving much to detail...they support a dying product that has completely evolved from the early days to the modern days. An HR person took me aside a few weeks ago encouraging me to look for work elsewhere because it is possible my position and that of the company in my location would possibly be reducing staff again and shutting down. So I looked for work and even had an interview with a company he suggested. That's one other thing that is annoying. If you interview, why can't a person bother to call you back or give you regular updates on a status of a job opportunity when they know you are interested. And from what I heard they were interested in me. All I get is silence. I emailed the person who interviewed me on 11/07 and he said he'd get back in touch with me quickly regarding the employment opportunity but I didn't hear anything back. Perhaps it's me being obsessive but I like to know what's going on so I email him back again and he replies saying he is waiting for his boss to be in town so they can coordinate another interview. But again nothing happens on it. I guess all people that do interviews don't realize the sense of closure job seekers sometimes want like me. But we'll see...maybe it will still be available in the future. I'm just not so sure...but I'm okay with it at this point. I'm enjoying my current job and while I hope I still have a job in a year from now...if something happens, so it goes.

Well that's enough for now. I wish you my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!! More to come soon!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Found Kittens, Job Security, And Other Blather

Hey there, welcome back to my world...the snippets seem to work out well so it may be a format I'll continue with for a little while longer.

(1)  Work--been busy off and on. Last night was very slow so I hope it picks up again with stuff to do. I feel bad that I'm not busy but I can't just make work appear either. I'm tempted to ask my boss what else I can do to keep busy but I figure I'd better find something instead of him first. We'll see what's going on. The storm in the northeast has impacted the project we were working on and I'm hoping as things calm down up that way the job will get busy once again. I feel a need to prove myself to myself and to my boss so he knows that I'm part of the team and important.

(2)  The HR guy where I work mentioned there's another job I may be interested in where his wife works and has encouraged me to apply. I had an hour long interview where the guy who was doing the hiring sat and talked (I kid you not) at least 50 minutes of the entire 60 minute interview. I think he's interested in me but he has to wait for his boss to coordinate a time to do a video conference interview since the boss's boss is actually out of state. I've followed up twice with the person I interviewed with and expressed an interest in the position but it's just hard to know if I'm being considered or not. And I don't want to push it or sound overly pushy about the position but this new position would be nice because of the day time hours instead of afternoon and evening hours I work now.

(3)  Someone dropped a box of kittens off on the dirt road where my partner and I live on the weekends. For the past few weeks we had been feeding them from bottles with mother's replacement milk and now they are finally starting to eat solid foods and drinking water and using a litter box. That's very good news. One of my former co-workers adopted one of the kittens and my partner's sister adopted the other two at this time. So I'm happy. I had two adult cats of my own and I don't think they'd really go for itty bitty kittens running around the house.

(4)  My dad is stopping work for the final time by the end of December 2012. My mom is getting overly worried about the loss of income. She's starting to act very poor in conversation by talking about making vegetable patties using mashed dried lima beans mixed with corn. I've never seen her make these before and she's using the rational that she is trying to use food that is leftover in the refrigerator trying to reduce food waste. I think she's actually a bit depressed about my dad leaving his work and she's trying to figure out how they will survive economically. But I'm sure they will. She and my dad will just have to cut out some expenses like the daily newspaper and I'm not sure what else.

I guess that's all for now...I go into work soon and I wanted to get this out...including a few pictures of the kittens above and a few down below:

Have a good week and we'll write and chat with you soon. Now off to my regular blog reads myself!!